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The One New Man Healing Center is located at 14410 SE Petrovitsky Road, Suite 209, Renton, WA  98058. 
Clinic Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 am - 5 pm by Appointment.  Call 425.277.2775 to make an appointment.
You are unique and deserve unique healing!
Welcome to AcuHealing: The Classical Acupuncture Practice of David Mitts in the Five Element Tradition
Classical Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient approach to healing that is grounded in a perspective of manifesting our unique destiny.  Symptoms of disease are expressions of imbalance that when treated help restore an individual to their unique path in life.  Imbalances reveal the cry of the heart to become fully alive and treatments with Classical Acupuncture answer the cry.  Through treatments you transform your pain into peace, suffering into joy!
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Our Clinic is located in Renton, WA, at: 14410 SE Petrovitsky Road,
Suite 209. 
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