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The One New Man Healing Center is located at 14410 SE Petrovitsky Road, Suite 209, Renton, WA  98058. 
Clinic Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 am - 5 pm by Appointment.  Call 425.277.2775 to make an appointment.
About AcuHealing Treatments
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Classical Five Element Treatment is oriented at treatment at the deepest level.  The treatments are unique to each client.  Your health journey is comprised of your story and your destiny.  Successful treatment must honor and treat you as an individual with unique gifting and talents as well as struggles and conflicts.  Your symptoms are important in the context of who you are.  You will be treated at the causative factor level.  The video below, by one of our colleagues in England explains about our orientation.  Your treatments are both transformational and dynamic.  David Mitts, M.Ac., EAMP will use the ancient time tested techniques of Classical Diagnosis which includes pulse diagnosis.  Once the cause has been determined fine filaments are deftly inserted in a painless process that gently adjusts your energy flow back to balance and health! Welcome to a great adventure!  WATCH THIS GREAT VIDEO INTRODUCTION
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